This mansion is made of stone and its origins go back to the 17th century. It has a tower and is surrounded by an “eira” with two imposing “espigueiros” (or corn-cribs), chestnut woods and curious water-mills. It belongs to a great nephew of the important Portuguese poet Teixeira de Pascoaes who, together with his family, used to come up here and spend the holidays and where he wrote some of his books.

Casa da Levada is located in a small and picturesque hamlet on the top of the Aboboreira Mountain, 15km from Amarante. It is said that its walls were a real refuge to those who wanted to run away from the justice, the army or the boats. Should they put their hands in its walls and they were safe. Good old days….

In this area water is not a problem and the house is named precisely after the “levada”, a water course used to transport the water from the mountains to the corn fields, moving the ancient water mills on its way down the hills. Unfortunately most of them are only ruins today. However, it is interesting to walk through them, watching the superb view and the animals grazing in the fields. What is today the dining room, was in the old times the kitchen of the house. The fire place, where the family used to get together and where the owners and the guests exchange histories and experiences is still there.

The living room has a large veranda made of stone from where you can watch the mountains and its valleys. Different artists were inspired there and some of its works were given to the owners, who keep them most carefully.

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